Protect Your Notes and Passwords with Bitcoin Technology

NOTE.SV blockchain notebook uses Bitcoin technology to ensure your diaries are not lost, your contracts are not tampered with, your passwords are not leaked, your evidence is not deleted, your inventions are not pre-empted, and your works are not plagiarized.


The Super Version of Notebook APP

Built on the Bitcoin technology that has been securely validated for over a decade, encrypted note information is safe and reliable.

The technology protocol used is fully public. Each record and every operation is encrypted with elliptic curve asymmetric cryptography, far surpassing any previous versions.

Creation and Safekeeping of Account Passwords

Creation and Safekeeping of Various Account Passwords

NOTE.SV helps you easily record daily accounts and personal information. It supports random generation of passwords and is an OTP/2FA management tool that surpasses Google Authenticator.

Timestamp Proof Protects Intellectual Property

Protect Your Creativity with Timestamp Proof

Blockchain technology inherently has an unmodifiable characteristic. Encrypting your ideas and articles and saving them on the blockchain can prove you are the earliest intellectual property owner without disclosing the content.

Eternal Preservation of Information

Long-Term Preservation of Important Information as a Family Data Repository

Blockchain technology distributes and saves encrypted information across nodes worldwide. Thus, there is no need to worry about hard drive and data server damage. Safely keep financial information, health information, legal wills and trust information, personal memories, and other valuable data.

It's Time to Start Using NOTE.SV

Now is the time to choose NOTE.SV and utilize the most advanced data security solution. With cutting-edge NOTE protocol technology, NOTE.SV ensures the perpetual security of your precious data.

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    Ultimate Security: Reliable Blockchain Storage

    Through the advanced technology of blockchain, NOTE.SV offers unprecedented data security. We employ sophisticated elliptical curve asymmetric encryption algorithms to ensure that every record is protected with the strongest encryption.

    Forget the fear of data loss—your information will be permanently stored on an immutable blockchain, safe and secure.

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    Trusted Timestamp Proof: Solid Evidence of Your Creations

    NOTE.SV endows each record with an immutable timestamp, providing reliable time proof for every creation, contract, and declaration you make.

    All records are accurately time-stamped and stored on the blockchain, effortlessly proving you are the original creator, ensuring the originality and ownership security of your creations.

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    Easy to Start: No Cryptocurrency Needed, Get Started Easily

    We understand the complexity of cryptocurrencies can be confusing for many users, so NOTE.SV has designed an intuitive and simple recharge system.

    You don't need to buy or hold any form of cryptocurrency. Simply use a credit card or make an in-app purchase to recharge and enjoy all our services without worrying about any barriers.

Protect your notes and passwords. Download now.

Support for multiple platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Apple M.


Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How to get started with NOTE.SV?

      To start using NOTE.SV, simply download our app for iOS and Android devices. After installation, you can immediately create an account and start enjoying secure note and password management services. Our user guide will provide you with detailed steps and tips to ensure you can easily get started.

    • How does NOTE.SV help me manage passwords?

      NOTE.SV includes a built-in password manager that not only securely stores all your passwords but also helps you generate strong passwords, avoiding the risk of using repeated or simple passwords. You can also use our OTP/2FA management feature to store two-factor authentication keys and easily view 2FA codes. When needed, you can simply look up and find various login information.

    • What makes NOTE.SV unique?

      NOTE.SV is not just an ordinary digital notebook; it is an innovative platform that uses blockchain technology to ensure the permanent security of your data. With advanced elliptical curve encryption and the immutable nature of the Bitcoin blockchain, NOTE.SV offers ironclad protection for your notes, passwords, and files, far surpassing existing digital note services.

    • What types of information can I store in NOTE.SV?

      Beyond password management, NOTE.SV also allows you to securely store personal notes, business documents, electronic evidence, confidential contracts, personal wishes, and other important information. Each of your records will be encrypted and securely protected.

    • How to Ensure My Passwords Can Be Securely Recovered?

      NOTE.SV ensures your data is secure and recoverable in two ways: First, we have made the NOTE protocol public, allowing any programmer to recover data from the blockchain or create recovery tools based on this protocol. Secondly, NOTE.SV offers a comprehensive export function that allows you to easily back up and export all your data. These two methods together ensure your information is not only secure but can also be seamlessly recovered when needed.

    • What payment methods does NOTE.SV support?

      Users can recharge their NOTE.SV account via credit card or in-app purchases, enjoying our services. We support a variety of mainstream payment systems, ensuring you can complete payments conveniently and quickly.